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The Tastiest Power Pop Music from British Invasion to Now! Tremendous VARIETY...over 1500 SONGS by over 700 artists - over 75 HOURS of quality tunes...from ALL eras of power pop music!

POWER POP is essentially a cross between the melodic sound of the Beatles and the crunch of the Who. Good Power Pop combines strong melodies, clean chiming guitars, romantic/teen lyrical themes, luscious harmonies, memorable hooks and a driving uptempo rhythm section. Power Pop came with the British Invasion, peaked in the late 70's, went underground in the 80's, experienced a strong resurgence in the 90's and is a vibrant musical niche today.

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60's - The Beatles, The Who, The Hollies, The Byrds, The Kinks

70's - Badfinger, Big Star, The Knack, The Shoes, The Beat

80's - The Bangles, The dB's, R.E.M., The Deal, Tommy Keene

90's - The Posies, Teenage Fanclub, Velvet Crush The Breeders

Now - Weezer, The Rosenbergs, Myracle Brah, Adventures Of Jet, Dressy Bessy, Guided By Voices, All American Rejects, Fountains Of Wayne, Matthew Sweet, many many many MORE!!!!!...
...this is just a sampling of the HUNDREDS of bands featured!!!

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